Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Love My Job!

Isn't this the way it's supposed to feel like when we go to work in the morning?

At some point, it became"uncool" for many to say that you loved the job you worked at each day. Perhaps that's what happens when a job is seen as nothing but a means to an end, allowing you to provide for yourself and those around you. Rent, smokes, gas and groceries.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Yet, the people who create those jobs (entrepreneurs who risk time and capital) would love nothing more than to have an entire army of employees like Sue Machado, who LOVE their jobs and aren't afraid to wear the company logo on their hearts.

Kudos to Mike Shanks, Ryan Good and Dave Waters for creating the kind of environment that allows someone like Sue to feel this strongly about what it is they do to earn their daily bread. This video from these Ontario franchisees is a shining example of how the corporate culture from Home Office is starting to play out on the ground in communities across the country. With Chief Operating Officer Dale Betts and Advanced Coach Leanne Taylor leading the way, is moving to the next level of becoming "seamless" in the way HR strategies are aligned with external marketing efforts that support an overall brand essence; touching everyone from consumers to potential employees or investors.

You can also see evidence of how this thoughtful approach plays out in the way career opportunities are being positioned. Determined to put an end to "spaghetti recruiting" tactics plaguing so many sectors, believes a brand fully aware of its true persona can develop a message designed to speak to exactly the type of person they want to hire as opposed to placing another "bum in a seat".

From where TSB sits, it's far too easy to point the finger of blame at resource-sucking employees if a company hasn't done anything to create an environment that will foster a passion that exists within all of us. Deep down, there is a universal hunger to find that one vocation that feels like a vacation. To have the kind of job where you can't wait to show up the next morning just to what happens next. is creating that kind of environment.

Who knows what will happen when more companies realize maybe the reason they have so many bums are on their hands might have something to do with how they're getting them to sit in those seats in the first place.

How many "Sue's" do you have on your team?

If not, are you speaking a language "Sue" can believe in?

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies” LARRY BOSSIDY

p.s ... Could not resist throwing in David Letterman's take on this subject.

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Mike Shanks PSP said...

Wow Gair, thanks!

It's funny your choice of pictures. No word of a lie I just used the same one for my follow up blog to the launch of this video.

Watch for it Thursday!