Friday, November 21, 2008

The Manhattan Project

Maximum number of Starbucks locations you could visit in a single day???

Not only visit, but actually walk in, make a purchase and consume the product???

Mark Malkoff was determined to answer those penetrating questions for you and and set new global standards for first-hand consumer research.

Mark Malkoff is a comedian, writer and film maker who currently works for Comedy Central's The Colbert Report. He also made national news by moving into and living in an IKEA store in Paramus, New Jersey for a week when his apartment was being fumigated. Watching him "do his thing", one gets the feeling he would be doing this "thing", even if he wasn't getting paid.

As he explains:"I’ve been doing comedy videos since I was a kid. I do these comedy videos all the time; it’s just that the two I did involving corporate entities are the ones that got me the press. But, most of the stuff I do does not involve corporations. I pick premises I think are funny and just do them"

It would appear a childhood obsession has been a huge influence on Mark as adult.

Hmm ...

Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated: "Each man has his own vocation; his talent is his call. There is one direction in which all space is open to him". Thomas Carlyle added, "It is the first of all problems for a man to find out what kind of work he is to do in this universe".

Don't you admire people who have figured out what they're born to do ...choose a vocation they love and were meant for ... and then jump right in and do it?

What "thing" did you love to do when you were a kid like Mark?

"Starbucks represents something beyond a cup of coffee"

p.s... Another atomically-powered creative force like Mark Malkoff, quietly on his way to getting noticed is New Brunswick's own Ian Varty. Tucked away in the idyllic, rural setting of Cambridge Narrows is a writer/photographer, carefully honing his craft, patiently waiting to be "discovered" by those who appreciate an IV of imagination.

Here is what TSB savoured after a recent visit to

"When you write, nothing is beyond your grasp. You walk through doors posted 'no entry'. You refuse to take your shoes off for airport security and imagine the tragic consequences. You spread a tablecloth on the peak of Everest, pour a cup of yak butter tea and inadvertantly elbow the scones into Tibet"

Kind of makes you wonder what Ian keeps in that backpack of his ... doesn't it?

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Darren said...

I've been captivated by Mr. Varty's talents on many occasions. In fact, I'd have to say he's my #1visual stimulant for 'decaffinated' rocket fuel!