Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2500 in 2009

As the Christmas retail rush approaches, some people in business are already looking forward to what lies ahead for 2009. If what you do even remotely has something to do with sales, The 2500 Formula will be of interest to you in determining what you have to play with in terms of available resources to make things happen in the upcoming year.

The 2500 Formula?

Breaks down this way:

• Hours/Week/Year = 2500 (10 hour days x 250 working days/year)

• Standard non-usable time = 375 hours (15%)

• Training, sales, company meetings = 250 hours

• Vacation Days = 180 hours (two weeks)

• Statutory Holidays = 80 hours (ten stats)

• Sick/Personal Days = 40 hours (5 days)


Given those numbers, your 2009 forecasting has to account for how much of your available time you are actually out there selling. And what percentage of those hours is actually producing sales results?

Sales effectiveness is the ability to move a prospect as efficiently as possible through the decision making process and do so in a manner which provides a solution that meets their needs.

Here is what research has shown us:

• Salespeople not employed in their “dream job” = 84%
• Salespeople doing a poor job generating new leads = 52%
• Sales teams with weak/mediocre product knowledge = 50%
• Sales people not meeting quota = 41%

Here is what we also know:

• ALL career salespeople want to be successful
• Quick fixes don’t last long
• Root problems need to be addressed with a combination of clarity, and
strategy supported by systems and processes wrapped in a brand promise that matters.

Oh, and one more thing.

One of the best sales professionals of all time is Jeffrey Gitomer, author of the "Little Red Book of Selling", among others and he believes all of the above makes absolute sense provided at least one other factor comes into play.

2009 promises to be an even more uncertain, unpredictable, up and down year than 2008 could ever hope to be. Stronger brands, already better positioned, will likely get stronger while unfocused, misaligned competitors fall by the wayside. A strong brand, supported by an effective sales strategy on the ground can actually be in a position to leave some competitors choking in their dust - forever.

Economic downturns provide a massive window of opportunity for any brand focused on gaining market share and 2009 will be no different.

It would appear there are about 2500 opportunities to make 2009 your best year if sales is an important part of what you do. Or, to be more precise, 1575 chances to make things happen.

What sort of 2009 do you envision?

"Obstacles can't stop you. Problems can't stop you. Most of all, other people can't stop you. Only you can stop you." JEFFREY GITOMER

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Ken LeBlanc said...

Great clip from Jeffrey Gitomer. It's amazing how a 3 minute video can actually sum up the “secret of success” of so many people and organizations! I’ll keep living my life by the rule of 8 baby. Thanks Gair!