Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Synaptic Hangover

"This stuff starts to rumble and explode in your brain like a simmering volcano"

More than 300 conference delegates.

Each wearing name badges draped around shoulders that support human heads that encompass more than 100 billion neurons, triggering as many as 500 trillion synaptic connections.

These are the biological triggers that underlie perception and thought.

Many who were there, will never see their business, brand or career the same way.

“As time marches on, people who were at this conference are going to be fetching nuggets of pure gold from what they witnessed over those three days. For some companies, it will be like a treasure chest of glittering diamonds; shining sparkles of intuitive wisdom for many years to come”

Such is the synaptic fallout from "Taking Flight", the enormously successful, first-ever Atlantic HR Conference that attracted some of the worlds top thought leaders to Moncton, NB for an unforgettable learning experience.

“Whether it was Tyson or Janice from WestJet, Don Schmincke or the "Wizard of Ads", there was an unmistakable theme that tied everything together. Successful organizations and brands have figured out how to tap into the hearts and minds of their people through the use of right-brain pursuits such as story, symbols, ritual and magic".

While WestJet served as a living, breathing example, it was Don Schmincke, author of the best-seller "Code of the Executive", who created a stir with his research findings that point to the need to incorporate "drama' as part of any great internal brand. Calling himself a scientist who went astray into the dark side, Schmincke's renegade theories on leadership and organizational behaviour have produced dramatic business results across a wide range of industries.

We had a chance to chat with Don afterwards about key points from his "Taking Flight" presentation as well as his new book being released this month, "High Altitude Leadership".

To find out more about what the worlds most forbidding peaks can teach us about success, visit http://highaltitudeleadership.com/

For many HR types, "Taking Flight" was an eye-opener to a world of possibilities that lie ahead for those determined to play an instrumental role in creating great brands from the inside out. Few deserve more credit for making this happen than David Cannon and Rachelle Gagnon from the Human Resources Association of New Brunswick who dreamed of staging an HR Conference like no other in Atlantic Canada.

David, who helped put ICT on the map in the Maritimes and Rachelle, an ACHRA award-winner from Assumption Life staked their reputations on this event with little more than blind faith to go on. If it went bust, their heads would have been served up on many platters. But, instead, with help from a great committee and uber-efficient event planner Alexia McGill from Agenda Managers in Halifax, "Taking Flight" continues to generate unparalleled buzz in our regional business community.

As Roy H. Williams (aka. "The Wizard of Ads") explains, the five senses of touch, taste, smell, vision and hearing all belong in the left side of our brains. But, if we hope to inspire people who work with us internally, it will only happen when the wordless, intuitive right-side of the brain is engaged through languages that include colors, shapes, music, symbols and rituals. Coincidentally the same neurological approach applies to the customers we hope will buy from us.

Who would have guessed that human resource professionals would share so much in common with marketers when it comes to understanding the science of human persuasion?

If you were there, what connections, synaptic or otherwise, did you make?

"All great marketing starts from the inside" ROY H. WILLIAMS


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