Thursday, September 4, 2008

Re-Visiting, Re-Gifting

It was a gift like no other.

Not a gift I received from someone else. There was no elegant wrapping paper, matching box or sentimental card trumpeting its entry into my world.

This is a gift I bought and paid for myself. A gift from me to me, fiirst opened in late '99.

Re-opened it again a number of times over the subsequent 24 months, frantically marked it up, even spilled coffee on its cover.

Opened it again 3-and-a-half years after starting the climb; pulverized by blinding insight that landed straight between the sockets, sending shock waves to the imagination.

And again, this past oh-so-short New Brunswick summer, there were more electrifying revelations thanks to the gift that Michael Gerber shares with entrepreneurs and would-be business owners world-wide with "The E-Myth Revisited".

Do you think, maybe, perhaps, just maybe, Gerber has written much more than just another business book?

That's like saying The Eagles just cut another record when they released "Hotel California" or Spielberg just shot another movie when "Saving Private Ryan" appeared in theatres. If you ever hope to survive life in the business fast lane without getting slaughtered, financially, emotionally and in every way possible, RUN, don't walk and discover this gift for yourself. In my opinion, Gerber's masterpiece is the only one I heartily endorse with a money-back guarantee whether I am talking to an entrepreneur one-on-one or addressing a business audience through the course of my speaking engagements. The guarantee goes like this: "You go spend the 25 bucks or so on E-Myth Revisited and if you don't see the value in what Gerber is saying, I'll buy the book back from you - no questions asked. And just so you know, I don't make a nickel off it - I just believe in the book that much".

Why does Gerber's message matter so much to entrepreneurs?

I believe it has to do with having a clear understanding of business basics rarely found elsewhere; fundamentals that exist beyond any sort of traditional thinking and beliefs of what we are inclined to think the world of business is all about. In a nutshell, here are some of the pearls you'll find buried in the pages of this entrepreneurial epic.
  • E-Myth: The entrepreneurial myth that most people who start small businesses are entrepreneurs. Most just start a business as a place to go to work.
  • The Fatal Assumption: That an individual who understands the technical work of a business can successfully run a business that does technical work.
  • Clarity: The difference between working “on” your business not “in” it. The business is not your life. They are two totally separate things.
  • Purpose: The sole function of a business is to create and keep customers.
Whether you have already immersed yourself in "E-Myth" thinking or you have just made it the next book on your list, I thought you would enjoy this story from the author himself.

If you are already in business or want to start your own, Michael Gerber forces you to ask the owner of that business some of the toughest questions that demand answering. And these are not the types of questions that your banker or customer will ask, but do require answers nonetheless. Ignorance of the Laws of the Business Universe is no excuse and part and parcel of that is having clarity on the Primary Aim of why you are heading to the mountain in the first place.

What kind of life you want? What do you value? Do you want to own a business or have it own you? Who do you wish to become when you're all growed up?

Last night, I enjoyed dinner and inspiring conversation with a business partner, client and most of all a great friend who now lives a life most only dream about thanks in no small part to the bountty that lies within E-Myth Revisited. But, the greatest treasure he currently enjoys, has nothing to do with money. He is one of the few business owners I know, that has learned something so precious that only comes to those who venture out and take the lonely hike up the mountain Gerber describes in the video.

Are you going to be the type who will do what it takes to begin that journey?

Will you actually do it?
"Relax,’ said the night man,We are programmed to receive.You can checkout any time you like, But you can never leave"! (HENLEY, FELDER, FREY)

p.s...Another New Brunswick friend of mine who used "E-Myth Revisited" as a launch pad for his business education is lifting off again - this time in Silicon Valley. You can learn how Dan Martell is relaunching by clicking here:


Mike Shanks said...

I can say quite honestly say that The E-Myth Revisited changed the way I look at business. From internal strycture and process to simply working "on" and not "in" it.

If your excuse to not read this book is because you don't have time, then get the CD. If you still resist and say you don't have time, I ask you "What are you so busy doing?" If you answer "Running my business." Take a look and see if you are working "in" it or "on" it and you will see that you don't have time to NOT read this book!

Gair Maxwell said...

Thanks for the feedback Mike. As you can appreciate, one of the biggest challenges for business owners is to first recognize how critical it is to adopt E-Myth Thinking as part of their fundamental, decision-making system.

Anyone have ideas on how to get that message out?