Monday, September 8, 2008

Personal Frequencies

Fiddling with the knobs as you exceed credit balances and relationship speed limits on the Highway of Life, you struggle to tune in a radio station called Opportunity. Signals fade in and out, crackling voices barely audible. Before long you give up and turn your attention elsewhere.

After all, you can't be bothered any longer. You’re in a rush.

The very next day, you bump into an old friend and spend the next half hour or so transmitting Life’s frustrations, the various maladies, obstacles and people who stand in your way. You wonder why the “breaks” haven’t gone your way, silently cursing that lousy bastard called Opportunity who still hasn’t had the decency to pound loudly on your door.

Your emotional backlash registers and is duly noted on a timeless wavelength.

I feel your pain my friend, for I too, have felt frustration being on a wavelength of "want".

One day, my hope is that you are lucky enough to discover that Opportunity operates neither randomly nor heartlessly. One day, you may even begin to adjust your settings from “transmit” to “receive”, and tune in the gentle vibration of Opportunity, incessantly whispering in your ear.

Occasionally, those whispers are draped in a dark cloak, brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. Only an investment of stillness, reflection and preparation will allow you to “see” the light of Opportunity and experience what those around you refer to as “good luck”. Rarely does a successful person “luck” into things as much as you'd like to think they do. Good luck is merely the residue of Reflection & Preparation meeting Opportunity step by step, creating great friendships and/or fortunes. Put another way, dumb L.U.C.K. seems to happen whenever we Labor Under Correct Knowledge.

Tired of waiting for extraordinary opportunities?

Then seize that which is common, slow down and recognize the faint signals which offer hints of greatness - and then do something about it! The timid and tuned-out will continue aimlessly shuffling about, waiting and hoping while you join the intrepid and insightful who continuously make their own breaks. As Edison once stated “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

But, first you will have to learn to put life in neutral - if only for a moment. Allow your inner voice (the critic) to fall silent and discover how the "Secret" to listening is truly hearing both the "Words and the Music."

Emiliana Torrini learned to listen to the whisper years ago while working as a waitress at a well-known Italian restaurant her father owns and operates in Iceland. You can discover how it worked for her at

For the record, there are also physiological reasons why it is difficult for any one of us to re-set our dial from transmit to receive. Science confirms our human brains are just too fast for our own good. The average person speaks at about 125-150 words/minute but we can listen and comprehend up to 600 words/minute. The result is a listening channel usually underutilized 4 to 5 times its capability. Counteracting that requires a concious effort on your part.

Whispers only register with a mind that is still.

Do you take enough time be still, really be still and pick up the signals loud and clear?

Is there an Opportunity, one close to your heart, whispering to you right now?

“Invisible airwaves crackle with life, bright antennae bristle with the energy”

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