Monday, September 8, 2008

Ground Breaking Rockers

In their best-selling book "Groundswell", authors Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff have clearly identified and clarified something we all know is happening, but can't quite put a finger on.

Right now, your customers are reviewing your products on blogs, spoofing your commercials on YouTube, defining you on Wikipedia and gossiping about you on Facebook. Li and Bernoff refer to this as the "groundswell" - a social media phenomenon — creating a permanent shift in the way business is done and brands are built.

Most companies see it as a threat.

Some, like you, can see it as an opportunity., the Canadian franchising phenom out of Moncton, NB sees the opportunity and has wasted no time tapping into the "groundswell". For example, the Canadian Franchise Association show the end of this month in Vancouver, B.C. provides a platform for the 2008 CFA Award of Excellence Winners to apply social media techniques to boost the impact of their upcoming appearance.

Atlantic Business Hall-of-Famer Ken LeBlanc and Walter Melanson look forward to sharing their insights on the franchising industry when they appear at the Sheraton Wall Centre, September 27th and 28th. And, thanks to the "groundswell", word of their impending visit is spreading.

In "Groundswell", Li and Bernoff describe how the world has been transformed by social technologies and how companies can cope in a world where they no longer control their own brands. Power is shifting from companies to people so much and so fast trying to stop it is like "trying to take pee out of a pool." To engage the groundswell, Li and Bernoff recommend companies follow four stages summarized by the acronym POST: People, Objectives, Strategy, and Technology. In other words, people first, technology last.

The groundswell is inevitable.

You can ignore it at your own peril. Or, you can learn to ride its wave and choose to thrive in it. Companies like with the vision to harness the power of these tides will be the ones reaping the rewards.

Are you fully to speed on the "groundswell"?

If not, you might want to surf on over to Third Tuesday NB and their Social Media Event in Moncton, NB, September 16th at Kramer's which is generously supported by great people like Lisa Rousseau, Chris Nadeau and David Alston. This month, Amber MacArthur and Jeff MacArthur will be hosting a workshop about engaging an audience online using video and other Web 2.0 tools. The team will also be shooting an episode of on location. Find out more at

Gotta go.

Surf's up.

"I'm a speed king you go to hear me sing. I'm a speed king see me fly"

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