Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Taking Flight" - An Update

Registration numbers are growing and buzz is building for what will be THE major business conference in all of Atlantic Canada for 2008. Thanks to David Cannon, Rachelle Gagnon and other smart folks at the Human Resources Association of New Brunswick, they rolled the dice in designing an event that will make all other HR-type conferences pale in comparison.


The entire "Taking Flight" experience (October 1-3, 2008) will be seen through the sharply-focused lens of the CEO. The benefit is that HR people will better understand how to influence agendas at the executive level while the C-suite gains more appreciation of how HR can be leveraged as a brand-builder.

That's why securing both Don Schmincke and Roy H. Williams as keynote speakers is a coup that rivals that of Elton John appearing at the Moncton Coliseum. (OK , it's bit of a stretch - but not much for those who have experienced and implemented what these two authors write and talk about).

In the case of Roy (aka "The Wizard of Ads") conference attendees will get a chance to experience first-hand what many students of Wizard Academy leave with after attending one of his classes at the campus located just outside of Austin, TX.

To learn more about Wizard Academy, check out

To learn more about "Taking Flight" (cleverly disguised as an HR Conference) zip on over to . The Conference Newsletter is in its final stages of preparation and will be blasting through e-mail servers shortly with a number of interesting insights to keep you posted.

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