Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Call Me Coach in the Morning

Is a business, truly a business without a customer?

In JB's case, what do you do when your book isn't selling and you aren't getting any bookings for your speaking business? Can someone truly call himself an author/speaker if he doesn't have an audience?

Picture the scenario. Time, money and effort has been poured into traditional methods to try and acquire customers with little, if any, results. Maybe you know someone who has been faced with that situation. As recently as June of 2007, JB Glossinger found himself in that predicament and listened to the voice of a friend.

"Why don't you do a conference call - for free?"

"Bert, you don't understand, the whole idea of being a professional speaker is to get PAID! Otherwise, that makes me an amateur".

"How much are you getting PAID right now?"

So JB took Bert's advice to heart and started posting ads through craigslist, myspace and other forms of social media to promote his first FREE conference call to help people accelerate their personal development. After eight weeks of marketing this concept of a FREE call, building a website to support it, the moment of truth finally arrives.

DAY ONE. The first 15-minute call.

Three people are on the line.

DAY TWO. The second 15-minute call.

Ten people have joined the call.

One month later, more than 200 jam the lines, breaking the conference bridge and a daily podcast is born. Each weekday morning, at 7:45, JB Glossinger is hosting the number one real-time personal development Web site in the world. The podcast from is currently ranked top five in the world on iTunes daily. And he does it LIVE from Miami, Florida, for FREE each morning for an audience that has now surpassed 17,000 in at least 76 countries. One of the very few people on the planet to hold an MBA, and a Ph D in Metaphysics, his brand has skyrocketed through having the resourcefullness to teach himself the inner workings of social media. His self-acquired knowledge on this subject as escalated to the point where one of his other companies, is helping national-level clients leverage future trends through Internet marketing platforms. Here is a look at JB sharing with his audience.

JB Glossinger is a great example of someone who closes the Knowing-Doing G.A.P., referred to in yesterday's post. Academically brilliant, JB refuses to rest on intellectual laurels and instead jumps in and deals with issues that need dealing with. His groundbreaking book, Get Out of Neutral: Manifest the Life Experience You Desire, captures the story of how his sales career soared—from street-peddling cosmetics to buying and selling jumbo jets. His dissertation, on bringing spirituality back into the workplace, is finding a growing audience interested in more than making a quick buck through work that lacks meaning. Incidentally, several people e-mailed yesterday about the G.A.P. and what it stands for in relation to turning "knowing" into "doing". So here it is:

GROWTH. A personal decision.

Have you decided to grow as a person and as a professional? Are you serious about it? What new books have you read or people have you encountered in the last three to six months that have inspired growth on your part? Do you deliberately put yourself in a position to grow? According to Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, "five years from now, you will be pretty much the same as you are today except for two things: the books you read and the people you get close to".

ACTION. Deciding to do something, even if it isn't perfect the first time out.
Don't worry about your first few clumsy attempts as you try and form a new habit or learn a new skill. Everyone else starts the same way. Get over yourself. Just do it.

PASSION. Do you feel a sense of emotion over this thing you want to learn or do?
If you don't have a true passion for it, stop now and find something you are truly passionate about. So much so you would do it even if no one paid you. Personally, I find it tragic that some studies reveal about 70% of the working population are in careers or jobs they don't especially love or enjoy.

Like him or not, take him or leave him, there is no denying the passion JB Glossinger is bringing to the world of personal development. He positively lights up like Times Square; illuminating those who experience the power of his presence. If you find yourself lacking in the passion department and are ready for action to spur growth, you might want to listen to what JB has to say as part of your balanced breakfast in the morning.


Hooper said...

I love how this blog makes me think about my business!

Gair Maxwell said...

Thanks for the comment Hooper...If you have any ideas for future posts, be sure to let me know ...

dmartell said...

I never heard of - thanks for sharing.

I also love the following podcast

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